Adult Classes

Classes and Personal Traning

All Regular classes are $10 per class

All Sports classes are $15 per class

Private/Personal training are $50 per hour session

Group Private/Personal  training - contact for pricing details

Evening Low Impact Class

This exercise class is identical to the Almost No Impact class, with some more balance work. There are also times when the exercise pace is increased.

M6 - 7 PM$10/class or use punch card ($45 for 5 classes)

It’s Almost No Impact

Just as the name states, this exercise class involves little to no impact, which means that all the exercises require simple, basic movements of the body. We welcome anyone into this class including seniors.

M T W 11 AM – Noon $10/class or use punch card ($45 for 5 classes)

Low impact Cardio FT ( Functional training)

This class is all about Cardio Functional Training that's low impact and aerobic, suitable for all levels, on Mondays and Wednesdays from 8:30 - 9:30am 

M W8:30-9:30 AM$10/class or use punch card ($45 for 5 classes)

Youth Classes

Presports Class

Out of school on Wednesday, a short day? Take advantage of this class! This exercise class is designed to burn off extra energy left over from a short day of school. The exercises are aerobic with a big emphasis on staying active and having fun while learning a variety of methods to improve overall fitness. Ages 8 - 12 years

Speed, Agility, & Plyo Kid’s Class

For athletes trying to gain the extra edge over their competition in speed, agility, power, and explosiveness. Athletes will gain in athletism and  learn technique and form to improve in all areas of their specific sport. This class differs from all offered elsewhere because it corrects bad form and teaches the kids how to move more effciently, which is keey to success. Each exercise is done for a reason anlong with a detailed description of why it is important so athletes learn to be better. The instructor of the class is Basil Okoroike, professional track athlete, an expert in speed, quickness, and explosiveness.

Open to all ages.

Monday - T4pm - 5pm$15

Sports Class

These classes provide conditioning and exercises to prevent injuries for specific sports, such as basketbacll, tennis, baseball, lacrosse, soccer, track & field, volleyball, and water polo among others. These classes are offered seasonally, depending on interest. For more information, please contact Fitnessgarage directly at for privbate training opportunities or inquiries to expand our offerings to suite your schedule.

T Th 5-6:00 PM


November 20, 2017

Core & Balance

November 20, 2017

Almost no Impact

November 20, 2017

Runner’s Core

November 21, 2017

Almost no Impact

November 22, 2017

Almost no Impact

November 23, 2017

Low impact class

November 24, 2017

Almost no Impact

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Fitnessgarage updated Class Schedule

Fitnessgarage updated Class Schedule

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