Meet the Staff

Hideshi Okamoto

Owner, Instructor, Personal Trainer, Sports Massage Therapist

"My goal at the Fitnessgarage is to help all of Davis be healthy." 

Before opening the Fitnessgarage Sports Academy in 2004, Hideshi coached track & field for 15 years as the first-ever Japanese NCAA Division I coach at the University of Colorado at Boulder. There, he developed and implemented training programs for the high jump and sprints. Within his first year at Colorado, his sprint squad went from 8th to 4th place in the Big 8 Conference championships. More recently, he served as assistant high jump coach with the UC Davis track & field team for over six years. He also volunteers as a high jump coach for the Davis Senior High School (DHS) track & field team.

In addition to his track & field background, Hideshi is a coach for the Japanese Olympic track & field team, a sports commentator for Japanese TV, a board member of the National Association of Speed and Explosion (NASE), and a certified massage therapist.

Hideshi graduated from the University of Wyoming with a degree in Exercise Biology in 1984. He and his wife, Yasuko, have three sons, Kento, Yuto, and Maito. Hideshi has a special interest in cooking in his own original style!

Andrew Hardardt

Massage Therapist

Andrew is a long-time cyclist, coach and health nut. An in-demand coach and sports care specialist to runners, cyclists and triathletes he works with aspiring professionals to weekend warriors.

He helps ignite the love of sports, fitness and general health and achieving better living. His personalized approach to training and healthcare allows him to assist you in creating a genuine passion for better health through a program specific to your wants, needs and especially your daily life.

He also finds himself helping his clients in ways he never expected. He assists several clients with post-operative healing and massage. One long-time client says Andrew quite literally saved his life by recognizing a heart-related problem that required medical intervention. This client is now a close friend of nearly fifteen years and continues to work with Andrew to their mutual benefit.

Andrew is a Teaching Assistant for Lymphatic Massage and Pre- and Post-Event Sports Massage and is enrolled in the Associates Program for Ortho-Bionomy – a no-pain approach to massage and physical healing.

He is trained in Ortho-Bionomy; Deep Tissue Massage, Active and Passive Release; Myofascial Therapy; Reflexology; Sports Massage; Cranial-Sacral; Lymphatic Massage; Medical Massage; and other energy and physical massage modalities.

Currently, Andrew is in the Oncology Massage program through MTI Davis; one of only two schools offering this focus in the US currently. He is working with clients in various stages of cancer-treatment, remission and recovery by helping them heal in his caring and emphatic manner.

Chase Morales

Massage Therapist and Yoga Teacher

Selysa Marsall

Yoga Teacher

Basil Okoroike

Instuctor and Personal Trainer

"My goal at the Fitnessgarage is to help and inspire people achieve their fitness goals."

A local from the Sacramento area, Basil has been in Davis for 5 years. He specializes in speed, power, explosivesness, plyometrics, core and balance. Basil is familar and experienced in the world of Track and Field, Football, Basketball, and Soccer. Outside of sports and athletics, he enjoys learning, reading and eating.

Aaron T. Curtin

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Instructor

Aaron T. Curtin is an incredible rising star in the BJJ world and we fortunate to have him with us.  Here are just some of his incredible achievments:  Youngest Blue Belt (15) awarded by Fabio Prado.  3x world champion, 4x US Open Champion, 9x NAGA Expert Champion, 3x BJJ All Stars Champion, 3x American Cup Champion, IBJJF National and International Champion (Ranked 3rd in under 125# 2015), Gracie Nationals under 135# champion, Gracie Worlds under 135# Champion, Gracie Worlds Open weight 4th place, 3X Jiujitsu grand Prix Champion, Brazilian Nationals 145# runner up, EBI and Fight 2 Win Pro Professional Submission Grappler, Currently ranked 3rd in the Jiujitsu world League for under 135# blue belts, IBJJF No gi worlds bronze and No Gi Open Weight Bronze, DHS wrestling team captain and 2015-16 MVP, most wins in a season 2 years running and on track to do it again this year.

Kellie Gale

Message Therapist and Stretching Teacher